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Andre Iguodala Loves Vegetables, Is More Honest Than Your Typical Athlete

May 10, 2011, 4:37 PM EDT

We noted this morning that Andre Iguodala was honored with an NBA All-Defensive Second Team pick. It was a much deserved accolade for the Sixers stud shutdown man.

‘Dre doesn’t always get the credit he may deserve in this town or around the league. Our pal John Finger takes a deeper look at what Andre Iguodala is about, both on and off the court, coming to the conclusion that he’s a different kind of athlete in the sense that he’ll actually give you open and honest answers, if not always the ones you’d hope to hear as a Sixers fans.

It touches on Iguodala’s end-of-season quotes about whether or not he wants to be back in Philadelphia, leaving you perplexed as ever about what the “McNabbian” passive-aggressiveness is trying to hint at. It also touches on Andre’s evolving relationship with Evan Turner. One of the more honest looks at team dynamics as you’ll get in professional sports.

Andre Iguodala may never win you games by himself like the beloved marquee A.I. he played alongside for all those years, and that may never fully endear him to Sixers fans. Is that fair to Andre the man? Probably not, as he’s one interesting — or “evolved” as Finger puts it — cat. Fans aren’t always logical in their fandom. Not needing to be logical is part of the fun.

>>Iguodala plays D, eats vegetables … always has [CSN]