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Andy Reid Stand Up

Dec 24, 2004, 10:53 PM EDT

During today’s press conferences with Eagles coach Andy Reid, he was asked a legit question by beat writer Les Bowen. "Do you think San Diego took the play action serious?"  Andy responded with a simple, "you’re beautiful."

I don’t know about you, but Les Bowen isn’t exactly GQ.

Pretty painful press conference really.  Reid called 58 pass plays and 10 run plays.  "Andy did you forget about the run? Can Donovan run because he is hurt?"
"Can Brian Westbrook run, isn’t he a runningback?"
"Andy did you know you can run the ball in the NFL?" 
"Hey Andy, Do you do much running on the treadmill?"

How does that Pink Floyd song go?

The Eagles go into Denver next week where the Broncos rank as one of the better run defense teams and rather poor pass defense teams.  Look for Andy to "take what they give him."

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