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Angelo and Andy on Eagles WRs

May 12, 2008, 1:14 PM EDT

Andy Reid was a guest of the WIP morning show today, where Angelo Cataldi went right for the questions pertaining to the Eagles sometimes puzzling approach to wide receivers.

As expected, no real fireworks, but I thought Andy did fairly well there, even if he just stuck to the usual script. We all know they tried to improve
at WR, at least by attempting to lure away Randy Moss, and they
probably went for several other top guys. But the options weren’t there, and
he’s standing by the guys he has and projecting confidence about the offense. What else is he going to do, say he’d love to make Reggie Brown his team’s third option, and Kevin Curtis its second? Anyway, I’m actually not all that disappointed with
the WR situation right now, for the most part because I know they tried
to make something happen. The marquee guys weren’t available, and they
didn’t overpay for the second tier players this year. [/spadaro]

I do think that relying heavily on the TEs in the end zone might need to be a short-lived strategy though.