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Bloggers Top 40 Sports Figures 2006

Feb 6, 2006, 9:10 AM EDT

Jamie Mottram, of AOL’s Sports Bloggers Live and the organizer of the Fanhouse, polled some of the top sports bloggers to compile a list of the top 40 sports figures of 2006.  Only one person I voted for cracked the top 40 and he doesn’t even play his ball in Philly.

Check out the full list at Jamie’s blog Mr. Irrelevant.

My 10 person list after the jump.

1. Ryan Howard     – 58 Home Runs – In the blink of an eye Ryan Howard has cemented himself as
Philadelphia’s best athlete.  Move over Allen Iverson and Donovan McNabb, you’re in
Ryan‘s town now.  In a city where fans want attitude, Ryan Howard makes us happy and keeps us watching baseball with his genuine respect and love for the game.

Donovan McNabb

- From proving the Eagles could win without number 81 to ending another
season sidelined by injury, the water cooler talk never ends with

Allen Iverson

- Instead of talking about practice, we’re likely talking about trading
the most entertaining athlete Philly has seen in decades if not ever.

Sal Fasano
– When the New York papers write an article about a career back up catcher getting more love than A-Rod, you know there’s something crazy going on.  Philly loves a hard worker.

5. Terrell Owens – The Eagles defeating the Cowboys in the return of T.O.
was one of the most hyped games Philly has seen in years.  The only
game comparable to it I can remember was the 2004 NFC Championship
game.  Philadelphia will never stop asking what could have been if
Terrell just stopped being Little T.  From Children’s books to attempted suicide, it never stops with Terrell Owens.

6. Aaron Rowand
– "The Catch" guaranteed Aaron Rowand that he’ll never have to pay for his own drink in Philadelphia ever again.

Brett Myers
– A guy who beats his wife will never get any respect in Philly.

8. Andy Reid – Is his time done in Philly?  Has the window closed?  Times yours.

Chase Utley
  – He’s gotten lost a little bit in the giant shadow of Ryan Howard but Chase doesn’t mind.  He’ll bring his winning attitude no matter what and Philly will love him.

Jimmy Rollins
– Spending a winter wondering if Jimmy could catch Joe D. sure was fun.

10. Cole Hammels – Could Philly finally get an ace?