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Charles on Gnarls

Jun 20, 2006, 12:46 PM EDT

In case you were wondering what Sir Charles thought about Gnarls:

CHARLES BARKLEY says he’s "flattered and honored" to be the namesake of Gnarls Barkley, the hip-hop/rock duo comprising Danger Mouseand Cee-Lo.

The Round Mound of Rebound says he has their CD "St. Elsewhere," and "it’s pretty good, an interesting mix of rock and rap."

"I’m excited for all their success," Barkley told us yesterday.

Gnarls, who blend hip-hop, rock, funk and soul, and who performed
their hit "Crazy" while dressed as "Star Wars" characters at the recent
MTV Movie Awards, are getting serious, and well-deserved, acclaim for
"St. Elsewhere," their debut CD.

Despite the obvious homage to Barkley in the band’s name, a Chuck Klosterman story in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine says the duo just thought the name sounded cool (which it certainly does) and aren’t necessarily huge basketball fans.

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