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Charlie Manuel Broke His Toe Once Kicking An Inanimate Object Too

Apr 30, 2010, 5:30 PM EDT

Broketoe With the news that Phils reliever Ryan Madson broke his toe by kicking a chair in San Francisco and will miss at least 15-days, Charlie Manuel shared his tale of taking out frustrations simultaneously on his foot and a wall.

"I broke my toe kicking a wall, yes. Wasn't in the Big Leagues though. I learned quicker than he did, I guess. Kicked a wall in Double-A, Charlotte. Broke my big toe."

When asked how long he was out after his incident, Charlie said he only missed "one or two days."

What got him so worked up down in AA ball? "Striking out, making outs. Guys throwing curveballs and changeups."

You'd think breaking your big toe by kicking a wall would teach you a lesson. So did Charlie ever do it again?

"You know what, I probably have," he said. "I know exactly how Ryan feels."

Ryan Madson had his foot in the ice tub while Charlie was talking, so we can assume he's not feeling very good right now.

Note: image above is neither Charlie nor Ryan's big toe.