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Could Laperriere’s Stolen Teeth Jeopardize His Endorsement Career?

Jan 21, 2010, 2:18 PM EDT

Lappy's lipFlyers fans can easily recall the day Ian Laperriere lost several teeth after being struck directly in the mouth with a slap shot. His mug has taken its share of elbows, shoulders, and pucks through the years, but that one was about as destructive as it gets. 

True to form, he was back on the ice soon after, at first sporting a facemask, but it wasn't long before he ditched that as well. In post game interviews, his missing teeth are apparent, and he was just about to get his new ones. That is, before somebody STOLE THEM. His false teeth, tailor-molded for exactly his unique mouth… um… needs, which few but he could boast. More from Tim Panaccio here. 

Although it hasn't affected him on the ice (I for one would have retired and never left the house after taking a shot like that, or at least be wearing this), his missing teeth have caused a few words to be removed from the scripts of his endorsement appearances. Just look at the outtakes of his most recent commercial shooting, after the jump. 


I'm really hoping this wasn't an elaborate in-game advertisement for The Rock's latest film.