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CYHSY Show Philly Love

Sep 11, 2005, 4:54 AM EDT

Clapyourhandssayyeahkhyberp_2So I saw that band with the weird name again last night at the Khyber in Old City.  They opened up for the National.

They seemed to sound a bit better than last time I saw them about a month ago.  Their set seemed a bit shorter this time and I was a little disappointed they didn’t play a few more.  They opened up with a few songs which I wasn’t familiar with, new tunes I’m assuming.  The Khyber was rather jammed, but not nearly as oppressive as the church.  My only gripe would have to be with the people in attendance.  You would think people attending this show would be music fans of sorts and not talk the whole friggin show.  I felt like I was at a DMB concert or something.  Shut up will ya.

Lead singer Alec Ounsworth was sporting an old school Phillies tee as you can see above.  He also said he was happy to be playing in Philadelphia, noting that most people don’t know he is from Philly.  Pretty sure they were sipping on America’s oldest lager.  People try to rip Philly all the time so it was nice to see him give a little shout out to his town.  He even takes a little jab at NYC in a pitchfork article:

..they’ve played almost exclusively in New York, because that is where
everyone lives and works– except Ounsworth. "I’m from Philadelphia,"
he adds. "Everyone keeps saying we all live in New York, which I’m
getting a little tired of, frankly. Friends are nice enough to let me
stay on couches up there!"

I like this guy.

My favorite parts of the show were probably their last two songs: Neil Young’s Helpless and the CYHSY favorite Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood.  I am a big proponent of a well picked cover, more bands need to play random crowd pleasing covers and Neil Young tunes are always a good thing.  Young Blood is a really fun song and sex, drugs, and rock and roll are always a good way to end a show.Clap_your_hands_say_yeah_graffiti_1

I may go back tonight if I am bored.  There are no work nights during The Month.

Picture of grafiti from Stereogum where you can also download an mp3 of Young Blood. Also check out the Pitchfork link above, Alec talks about Neil, Elvis, Aretha, Beach Boys, and Dylan being among his favorites of late.

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