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Damn. Advantage Vick.

Sep 13, 2005, 1:36 AM EDT

Advantagevick_1I had one of those bad nights again when I write up a nice post with some good points, some good links, but then all of a sudden I click on the wrong thing and it all gets deleted.  It was just one of those nights.  My briefer synopsis:

Things started off horrible for the Eagles when Trotter got ejected before the game even started, and they didn’t get much better for the rest of the night.

The defense stepped up in some crucial situations.  B-Dawk showed why he is one of the Eagles all time greats, when he wasn’t cramping up at least.

The bottom line: Donovan played like shit.

Birds fans shouldn’t be expecting a trip to Detroit let alone a trip to the playoffs if Donovan doesn’t get his head on straight.  We can hope that the tough hit he took early threw him off of his game.  If the hit didn’t contribute to Donovan missing targets all night long then we are in for a long season.

The rushing game was nonexistent and T.O. was contained rather well by Deangelo Hall who backed his smack up.  That kid will be good.

One thing Eagles’ fans can feel alright about.. It’s only week one.  Look for more analysis later today.

There is a fitting quote somewhere on this link for you people who care.