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Sep 22, 2007, 11:00 PM EDT

I don’t know how many times over the past week or so I’ve heard people criticize McNabb.  "Why would he bring up race when his team is 0-2!" is the most common comment.  Let’s get two things straight.

1.) Donovan McNabb did not "bring up" race.  He agreed to do an interview with HBO’s James Brown that was supposed to be about how Donovan’s "career has been surrounded by controversy and how [his]
upbringing has shaped the way [he's] dealt with it."  He was asked a question about race and he answered it honestly.  End of this "why did he bring up race in the first place" garbage.

2.) THIS ALL HAPPENED WEEKS AGO.  Do you morons really think HBO tapes stuff the day before it airs?  The interview was done long before the season started.  It was also a lengthy interview of which people just want to focus on one comment.

And for people who still think Donovan is full of it — Ray Diddy for instance thinks Donovan is completely wrong — a caller on sports radio in Philadelphia last night said Donovan will have a job next year, but it will be shining shoes.  Ugh.

There.  Will you all shut up about this already?