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Draft Countdown begins

Mar 30, 2005, 2:22 AM EDT

The NFL draft is fast approaching with less than 4 weeks till the former college boys whip out their finest purple suits they can afford.  The Eagles, with their plethora of picks, are poised to make some noise. has a write up featuring the players who are likely to make up the second half of the first round.  They also talk about how the Eagles are in great shape for draft day. also has a great breakdown of the Eagles’ team needs.

Link: > – NFL News.

It’s going to be tough on NFC opponents to watch the Eagles move freely up and down in the draft with all that firepower they have. Or they can just sit there and make their selections at 31, 35, 63, 77 and 94 before Saturday’s drafting is done. Philadelphia’s selections will cost much less than the picks in the ‘Sweet 16.’ And from the look of things, if they stay with those choices, they might be just as good.

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