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Eagles 44-6 Thrashing of the Cowboys Must Have Really Angered Dallas Fans

Jul 30, 2009, 4:28 PM EDT

Scribes may have to think twice when writing "the Eagles murdered the Cowboys 44-6" after angry fans almost killed each other after talking trash about the beating. The gunman, 28-year old Damian Alexander of, who had been on trial for attempted murder in Maryland was acquitted of that charge but was found guilty of first and second degree assault.

Authorities say Alexander fired between two and five rounds from a
shotgun at an SUV that was driving away from his home on the evening of
Dec. 28. Two people were wounded. Prosecutors say Alexander had
arranged for a fist fight with a man in the vehicle but brought a gun

The people in the vehicle had been exchanging taunting text messages
and phone calls with Alexander about that day's game between the Eagles
and Cowboys. Philadelphia won, 44-6, knocking Dallas out of the NFL

The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze.

I'd pay a quarter to have the transcript of the text message taunting going back and forth between these LSRS.