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Eagles Game Day: It’s Do Or Die

Feb 7, 2008, 12:01 PM EDT

How’s this for coincidence: The Meadowlands ticket for today’s game between the Eagles and the Giants features a picture of none other than Plaxico Burress on it.

It’s fitting… The big question being asked by every media outlet today is whether the absence of Plax (and the ensuing circus surrounding the Giants) will have a deleterious effect on the team. But, in the past year or so, do we have any reason to think the Giants won’t be able to overcome the loss of a significant player? Antonio Pierce is intimately connected to the situation, but who among us thinks he’s going to have a bad game because of it? No, if the Eagles are going to win this week and stay alive in a very competitive NFC, they’ll have to beat the Giants because they have no choice not to, no room for another week of excuses, and because they need it for more than just a shot at the playoffs.

They need this win to show that this franchise isn’t completely lost, which many have charged. The bad news? Even with one of the opposing team’s best weapons having shot himself in the leg last week, the Eagles are still heavy underdogs. The Giants are fucking good. 

So what are the keys to winning this game and keeping the Reid and McNabb train on the tracks? Kulp chimes in:

  • The one first sounds simple enough, until you remember the last few games between these two teams: They need to protect McNabb. All day. With Shawn Andrews and his backup MJG out today, Nick Cole will take the snaps at guard. If he needs a blow, or can’t finish the game for some reason, it’s Winston Justice time.
  • The second is to contain the Giants’ running game. They’ve never had any problem doing that, right? In fact, no one has any particular reason to fear their ground attack, except that they’re the best in the NFL at it.
  • Third? Force the G-Men to keep the ball in Eli’s hands in 3rd and long situations.
  • And finally, the last time around, New York had the ball for almost 40 minutes… The Eagles must run the ball, even if they don’t start off having a lot of success with it, because you won’t win many games losing time of possession 2 to 1.

Coming off a big win on Thanksgiving, we’re feeling pretty good about seeing a hard-fought game by the Eagles, one they may even win. They have no choice, and no more room for excuses.

What are your keys to knocking of the Giants? Do you think the Plax situation will have an effect?

Huge game today. One hour until we find out which Eagles team will show up to play.