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Eagles Legend Tom Brookshier, Through the Words of Bill Conlin and Pat Summerall

Feb 1, 2010, 2:20 PM EDT

Count me among the Philadelphia natives and Eagles fans who know the name of Tom Brookshier, yet little more than what one could learn the first line or two of his wikipedia entry. But in the course of a few hours today, I learned quite a bit. Rather than simply summarizing it here like a book report, I'll instead direct you to what I read with my morning coffee—Bill Conlin's piece in today's Daily News—and an interview that kept me in my car outside of John's Village Market at lunch until it was over. Here's the latter, a discussion between Pat Summerall and Glen Macnow and Ricky Bottalico, which aired this afternoon on 610 WIP, a station that might not exist today were it not for Brookshier, who hosted the first morning show there in 1989.  

Both Conlin and Summerall describe an Eagle's legend I wish I'd known better. At least we have the thoughtful words of two great sports historians to tell his story. 

Pat Summerall on Tom Brookshier