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Fan Report: Texas is Hot, the Phillies Are Not

Jun 30, 2008, 12:12 AM EDT

Andy Goldstein brings us this Fan Report from Texas. Andy contributes to fantasy sports site RotoRob.


Despite the fact that I’ve lived in Dallas for over a year now, I
haven’t actually seen the Rangers play in person yet. This might be
because the Rangers play in freaking far away Arlington. It isn’t
exactly a hop, skip, and a jump away. Dallas really likes putting their
stadiums as far away as possible. I am pretty sure the
Cowboys play across the state border in Oklahoma.

Anyway, I chose Sunday’s game because the weather report said it
would be overcast and somewhat bearable outside. Of course by game
time, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I’m sure the broadcasters were
talking about how it was a beautiful day. Not true. It was balls hot.
In fact, I think the sun might have taken some of the jump out of the
Phils. We looked a little lethargic early in the game before the sun
dipped below the stadium lights.


Moyer obviously didn’t pitch the greatest game ever but it really
never felt like he was in trouble. He only really made one bad pitch (the HR to
Chris Davis). Ian Kinsler’s triple in the first was on a good pitch but
Kinsler just went with it and hustled out the extra base.

Eric Hurley was
throwing early strikes but then a lot of junk after that. It was the same with
every batter. Again, the guys just looked out of it all day. About halfway
through the game I realized I should take pictures of Phillies that
got to second base, because it seemed momentous.

As for the crowd, there were a fair amount of Phillies faithful
there. In fact, our section had more Phillie’s red than Ranger’s blue.
And I can say with pride that every "wave" died in our section. Stupid

A couple funny points. During the bottom of the seventh inning, the
sun was just on top of the stadium and being in left field, we couldn’t
really see much of anything. Pat Burrell had a similar problem, I think,
because he kept turning around towards our section while shrugging. One
pitch was a swinging strike and Pat tried to find the ball for at least
two or three seconds after it hit the catcher’s mitt. It’s a good thing
nothing got to LF that half-inning. It would have ended poorly.


Also, Milton Bradley warms up each inning in the field by tossing
the ball with one of the ball girls. He was totally into her. Okay,
that may not be true, but I think Pat would have been better off doing
it that way too. At least, that has to be better than Roly de Armas.

Oh well. Crappy game for the Phils, but on the plus side, my fantasy team got a 3/4 from Kinsler. That’s something.

[Ed. note: Nobody cares about your fantasy team! Thanks for the report Andy.]