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Flutie decides to go to BC!

Jul 16, 2005, 4:28 AM EDT

Flutie plans to attend BC:  (You may be thinking to yourself, "self, why the hell is this guy who has a website all about Philly sports always posting shit about Boston College?"  Well, it is because I like chicken and beer.)

Link to article in the Natick Bulletin.  I hear lots of hot chics come from Natick?

He knows what people will be thinking. The name on the back of the Boston College maroon-and-gold jersey — FLUTIE — will stick out. It will evoke memories of the greatest quarterback in the school’s history, its only Heisman Trophy winner. One of the most enduring storybook careers in college sports history.

     It could only happen once, right?

     So why would Doug Flutie’s nephew, Billy Flutie Jr., accept a scholarship to BC and literally carry the weight of the name on his back? "I’ll always have that pressure of the Flutie name," he says. "But I feel I can create my own name.

Good luck creating your own name buddy, especially if you are a kicker.  You might as well just change your name to Yudt.