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Flyers-Caps Game 7: Golf or Marble Rye?

Apr 22, 2008, 6:27 PM EDT

After squandering in-game leads that in turn led to squandering the lead in the series, the Flyers now face elimination if they can’t pull out a win tonight.

It’s been a great series so far, with two pretty evenly matched teams taking turns alternating between heroes and underachievers. We’d prefer to have the game 7 atmosphere be a glowing orange, but we’ve also seen that both teams can win in the other’s building. The Flyers have been great on the road this season, and they’ve also relished the role of the underdog, at times playing better when the expectations are tempered by a few losses. Even though they take some periods off, this team has a lot of drive, and John Stevens will have them primed for battle in this 1-game playoff series.

A few crushing defeats have brought the Caps back into the role of favorites to win the series, but the Flyers should be ready to scream, "Gimme the bread ya old bag!" grab hold of the series, and run off smiling.