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Fran Dunphy to Coach Temple

Apr 10, 2006, 12:04 PM EDT

Former Penn basketball coach Fran Dunphy will be taking over what John Chaney left behind as Temple’s head basketball coach.  It is an interesting twist to the landscape of the Big Five.  Dunphy turned Penn into an Ivy League powerhouse and seems like a great choice to work the bench in North Philly.

Penn and Temple, while only being a few miles apart, seem to have completly different types of basketball teams.  Chaney was known for bringing inner city kids with often rocky backgrounds and acting as a father figure to many of them.  Dunphy was known for bringing in Ivy League caliber students and getting them to play basketball.  Both were great at what they did and now Dunphy will take on some new role at Temple.

I look forward to what Dunphy can do with Temple.  Can he turn TU into a basketball powerhouse?  It should be an interesting few years to watch how the new look TU basketball team will develop.

I spent many summers growing up attending summer basketball camps at ‘Nova, Penn, and SJU.  Dunphy, with Martelli coming a close second, was by far the greatest with the kids.  While I find it easy to root against Villanova, I can get behind Dunphy wherever he goes.

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