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Game 2 Thread: Moyer vs. Perez

Apr 19, 2008, 3:30 PM EDT

It’s a beautiful day in Philadelphia for a baseball game. I’m heading down to South Philly to take in second game of the series with the hated Mets.

Last night: Johan Santana was every bit as filthy as all Phillies fans feared he could be when the Mets made the move to get him this winter. But he also had a whole lot of help from the umps. If you check out the video below, the ump was clearly giving him pitches that Mitch Williams says are six inches off the plate. Whatever. It’s one game but it shows what the Phillies may face from Johan for years.

Dobbs made things interesting with the exciting 8th inning three run homer, but shoddy fielding and the inability to get to Johan proved too much.

Today: Expect a ton of Mets fans. I’ve talked to two of my Mets fan buddies from New York who both took separate buses down to CBP today. Between the two groups of them there are at least 80 stinking New Yorkers.  As you may recall, today is the day Mets fans had planned to invade our lovely ball park. I’ll be there defending the home turf. Expecting lots of trash talk.

It’s Jamie Moyer against Oliver Perez in mid-day action. Let’s send those New Yorkers home as losers.

Complete ESPN highlights from last night here:

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