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Gilbert Arenas Dunks Off a Trampoline at All Star Game

Feb 19, 2007, 12:23 AM EDT

With the NBA All Star Game finishing up as a blowout and Gilbert Arenas having an off night, he decided to put on a show.  During one of the commercial breaks, a group of flying Elvis guys game out to put on one of those dunking off trampoline shows.  During the whole performance, Gilbert and Vince Carter were eyeing up the trampolines and looking mischievious.  When the Elvis guys finished, Gilbert decided it was his turn.

This is the kind of stuff that has made All Star Weekend in Vegas such a damn good time.

Much more on the game to come at some point.  As you can, tell I had sick seats.

UPDATE: From Gilbert’s own blog:

We were sitting there in the timeout watching them Elvis guys dunk, and
my big mouth, I was like, “Man, I can do that better than them.” And
then they missed a couple so I was like, “When they finish up, I’m
going to go do it.”

Shaq was like, “Yeah, right.” He said, “I’ll put $100,000 in your foundation.”

I was like, $100,000 or get in trouble by David Stern?

$100,000 or get in trouble by David Stern?

Oh man, I’ll take that fine. So I did it for my Zer0 2 Her0 charity.

It was great though. Between the legs…Yea-ahhh!

I used to practice those trampoline dunks back at Golden State. I can
flip and everything. But I didn’t want to flip and crack my neck.


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