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Give Us Your Best @TheFakeMarcusHayes Material and Watch Michael Barkann Relive the Adam Aron Twitter Saga

Jan 11, 2013, 12:34 PM EDT

On the surface, it’s four old guys talking about Twitter.

Once you dig a little deeper, it’s still four old guys talking about Twitter, which, really, is the selling point anyway.

On Thursday’s DNL, Marcus Hayes, Derrick Gunn, Mike Kern and Michael Barkann got sidetracked into a conversation about fake Twitter accounts, during which Marcus Hayes — by telling you not to fake him — practically begs you to create his parody account.

(I have 9,873,321,245 ideas for that, but I’ll leave them to you guys.)

The conversation then devolves into Hayes putting Barkann on the spot over the time Adam Aron mistook the @BikeMarkann account for the anchor’s actual account. From September:

Welcome to DNL in 2013.

Now, your best @TheFakeMarcusHayes material? Leave it below. For reference, this guy hasn’t updated “Not Marcus Hayes” since July 2011.

And then there’s this guy:

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