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GQ Says You Dress Like a Schmo

Jul 15, 2011, 2:27 PM EDT

GQ ranks Philadelphia as the 6th worst dressed city. Worse than the folks from the Jersey Shore even!

GQ Magazine put together a list of the 40 Worst Dressed Cities in the United States and your fair City of Brotherly Love is right up near the top of the list. They write, “Philly is the sartorial nation’s capital of three things: Mullets, (see:
Daulton, Darren; Bacon, Kevin; Public, John Q.), ironed jeans (see:
Rendell, Ed), and that favorite accoutrement of swashbucklers,
ballplayers, and lion tamers alike, the groomed goatee (see: Croce,
Pat). Add two million Vick jerseys, cheesesteak-grease stain as hoodie
accessory, and Stallone’s grey sweatsuit and black Cons and you’ve
pretty much covered the city’s entire contribution to the style

Since I fail to own a Vick jersey, ironed jeans, or a goatee, I guess I’m off the hook! Although my favorite hoodie is at the dry cleaners with a nasty whiz stain.

Cities they ranked worse than Philly? Manhattan, Chicago, Pittsburgh, L.A., and Boston.