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Guess who’s back: Atlanta

Jul 28, 2005, 9:30 AM EDT

It’s not like they ever really went anywhere, but with the crazy hot start the Nationals were off on Atlanta just reached the top of the division.  I don’t think they will be giving up that spot any time soon.  The Phillies went to Houston and got swept.  The Phillies are not a horrible team right now, but they sure aren’t a good team either.  They faced some tough pitching and put up very little run support for their staff.  They are a lot easier to write about when they win a few in a row.  Getting swept hurts, but maybe it will give Eddie Wade the balls to move Wagner or Urbina.  I’m still hoping to see Wagner moved to the Sox for some young talent.  The next few days with the start of training camp and the trade deadline approaching should be fun to watch.

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