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Happening Elsewhere: UConn Women Nearly Blow Winning Streak, Then Don’t

Jan 17, 2010, 11:00 AM EDT

I suppose just about the only thing that could happen in Women's College Hoops to be deemed worthy of leading SportsCenter would be if 79-straight-win, #1-ranked UConn faced a worthy #2 team and won only thanks to a controversial ending. (Well, the only thing short of UConn actually losing, which at this point is clearly never going to happen ever.) Sure enough, that's what fans got when Geno's bunch faced off against #2-seeded Baylor, led by nationally-renowned big woman Brittney Griner. (She can dunk, supposedly!)

Despite taking a commanding lead early, UConn went lax on the pedal in the second half, and Baylor not only snuck back into the game, but took an eight point lead with less than seven minutes to go. Star forward Maya Moore's 30 points and some big shots from Bria Hartley helped the girls stay afloat, and Baylor's last possession was robbed of a chance to take the ball out of bounds when refs failed to call a shot-clock violation on UConn's last set of the game, which resulted in a Moore air ball. Minorly controversial end, but an end nonetheless: UConn 65, Baylor 64.

Hey, at leaast college basketball is back. Temple and Villanova both won their first two games. If 2-9 isn't doing it for you with the Sixers this year, there's still no excuse to be out on hoops entirely in the city of Brotherly Love.

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