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Home Run Derby Live Blog (!)

Jul 14, 2008, 7:35 PM EDT

We’re tuning in to tonight’s home run derby in the Bronx to watch Philadelphia’s sole offensive representative, Chase Utley, take a couple of his sweet swings against Mick Billmeyer. Does Chase stand a chance against some of the guys more well known for hitting the long ball? Of course. This is Chase Utley we’re talking about.

Follow along with our live blog after the jump.

UPDATE: When Chase Utley was announced to Yankee Stadium, he was booed and was reportedly heard saying, "Boo? Fuck You."

We love you, Chase.


And what’s a live blog without a Home Run Derby drinking game? Somebody translate that into a Cliff’s Notes version, thanks.

Charlie Manuel once destroyed Mickey Mantle in a home run contest. Cholly!

ESPN has the Baseball Tonight crew — KRUKKER! — doing to pregame show and Josh Hamilton and his old guy pitcher are all the fuss. Apparently it’s a great story, but I tuned in to late to hear it.

Sad fact of the night: I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium and may not get there this summer. Sorry.

The Sporting Blog caught up with a fan at the festivities yesterday dressed up as a Phillies player. Kids actually thought he was a real player and asked for his autograph. Kids today.

They’ve got special extra artsy bases and home plate for the Derby. Hey there’s Laverne! Or is that Shirley?

The guy’s at Yahoo!’s MLB blog like naked dudes a little too much. I’m just kidding, they have all sorts of fun All Star coverage.


Is this thing on?

Christ, now we have to sit through a Three Doors Down performance? Is it sponsored by Baby Ruth?

This sounds like that song that shitty cover band named [XYZ] always play at [insert any shitty bar like La Costa in Sea Isle here].

Just received an IM from Chris Mottram who is in the press seats in right field right now and he says: "im in the stands at the derby … i was gonna liveblog it too, but im not sure how you do that. ‘wow. that one went far.’"

It took us 7 seconds to be sick of Chris Berman. IT’S TRUE!

Did they just boo Chase Utley? Fuck New York. You don’t boo Chase Utley! (Only we can boo him, which we don’t.)

Commenters are saying Chase told New York, "fuck you" for booing him. I didn’t hear it though.

JOE MORGAN PICKS CHASE UTLEY. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Damn. Now Berman is picking Utley. I don’t like it.

Oh, who is that? Reggie Jackson? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Hello, Erin Andrews, how are you doing this evening?

Derek Jeter, BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I’d just like to note that there is an "official water of Major League Baseball."


Dan Uggla up first. The Florida Marlin is actually looking pretty good. Sitting at 4 runs, 4 outs. Oh man, the midget in the Uggla jersey is mad cute.

Sorry, it wasn’t a midget. Apparently they are called children. Uggla finishes with a respectable 6 in the leadoff spot.

Grady Sizemore is up. Wake me when Chase gets a turn.

Big Pappi has like the reverse-Werth facial hair going on. Interesting. Sizemore finishes with 6.

Evan Longoria is up next. We hear this kid can play a little bit.

Commenter Greg wants to know, "So where can I get a "Boo? Fuck you!" T-shirt with 26 on the back."

**Matt just posted a shaky video of Chase’s love letter to New York.**

Longoria finished with three or so. Chase is up next.

Chase Utley goes out, out, out, dinger, out, out. Hmm. This is not going real well. Now Erin Andrews is talking to David Wright about how great the Mets are playing. Ugh.

UPDATE: In case you haven’t noticed by now, my Internet connection died in the middle of Chase Utley’s at bat and has just returned. We’ve lost our thunder so to speak, so feel free to discuss amongst yourselves in the comments.