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I like Ryan Howard

Jul 11, 2005, 6:01 AM EDT

Can we trade Jim Thome?  Has anyone had the turkey leg from Bull’s BBQ?  Man, those things are nuts.  Did you know there are dollar dogs and pretzels on the 400 level of CBP?  It’s right near that big shoe.  The fireworks Friday night were awesome.  I can’t find the wire to my camera again so no pictures for you people till I find it.  I actually thought I had some good ones of the fireworks Friday and some from the first row today.

I finished the first half of the season with a win today to bump my total to 8-7.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures one day this week.  The Phillies are off for a few days.  Bobby Abreu will be competing in the home run derby tonight at 8 pm on ESPN.