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In Case You Missed It… Game 3 Recap.

Apr 20, 2009, 11:32 AM EDT

Kalas_275x235 They're back in it and in convincing fashion.  But do not get TOO comfy down 2-1.  This victory has all the potential in the world to become a series changer.  Taking game 3 with a 6-3 victory and losing game 4 would be like completing a pass on 4th and 26, and then losing the following week.  Build on it.  I know that Harry Kalas has very little to do with the Flyers and more with Philadelphia sports in general, but certain Pens fans (you know who you are) brought him up and made a mockery of his death.  I won't even quote nor link what was said.  Not sure, but you may have just invoked the Kalas curse… that is, if the Phillies fans let us borrow him for just a bit.  Highlights and pics await you.

A game for the ages… unless you're from Western Pa. 


Giroux, in only his 3rd playoff game, came THIS close to getting a Gordie Howe hattrick.  He was assessed a two minute roughing penalty instead of a 5 min major.  Kennedy, known by Pierre McG as "one tough hombre", hit the ice… hard.


via MPR529 

And this is my absolute favorite.  Crosby got a serious face wash from D'Powe and then some lip service.  If you look a bit up and to the left, you see one of the Flyers faithful flipping Crosby the bird.  What little respect I had for Sid dissipated with his swipe at Kimmo's jaw after the whistle in Game 2.