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Is Carter Extension Good For Flyers? Find Out TONIGHT!

Jan 13, 2010, 6:32 PM EDT

Wow. Totally was not expecting that. There has been some debate for awhile over Jeff Carter's future in Philadelphia, but we can safely declare the matter settled. Now how are we supposed to feel?

CartsyIt seems the majority of fans are pleased. Carter is unquestionably one of the top scoring threats in the NHL, capable of becoming a perennial All Star. The length of the deal might be a hang-up for some, which is understandable. Of course, while nobody can deny his talent, inevitably there will be a backlash. The old more than one way to skin a cat defense.

Since I reside somewhere in the previously unmentioned "undecided" camp, I'm going to do the only sensible thing and base my opinion of the extension entirely on irrelevant measures. However well Carter skins Florida's cats tonight is how I feel about his contract for the next 11 years.

A three stars-worthy performance solidifies this as no-brainer. A minor contribution on the score sheet comforts me, but also forces me to consider the length. Merely getting dressed and to the arena on time, and it's time for us to admit he simply is not a fit here.

Yeah. That's legit.

But it beats entering another pointless discussion. The powers-that-be determined Carter is a guy the Flyers can't live without, so they locked him up. Whether it winds up being the smartest decision, we couldn't possibly dream of of evaluating today. Sit back, let the team play hockey, and enjoy it, because they are doing an exceptional job.

Also of note from tonight's match-up, the Panthers took three of four against the orange and black last season. Two of those wins came in calendar year 2009, before they began to find their stride under Coach Laviolette. In their most recent meeting however, Florida once again had the upper-hand, demolishing Philly 7-4.

The contest got off to a bit of a chippy start, with a total of four fights breaking out in the first period, including two bouts of fisticuffs in the opening five seconds. The Flyers stayed competitive midway into the second period, but Florida put a W out of reach after a series of scores heading into the intermission.

We'll see how much fight the Panthers (7-7-0) have this time around, playing on consecutive nights and making the trip from home. Puck drops at 7:00.

Photo by Mike Stobe / Getty Images