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It’s Possible Jessica Simpson Forgets the Last Time She Partook in an Eagles-Cowboys Game

Sep 9, 2008, 9:09 PM EDT

Appearing on Good Morning America today, an appearance that’s all over the celeb blogs for its epic failedness, Jessica Simpson took the occasion to taunt you, Eagles fans.

Yes, despite "technical glitches" reminiscent of her little sister’s appearance on Saturday Night Live a few years back, Tony Romo’s special lady friend shouted  "Go Cowboys!" Then, to top it off… regarding the upcoming Eagles-Cowboys game on MNF, she commented "That’s next week! We’re gonna kick your butts, too!"

How soon they forget…

Of course, in December of last season, the Eagles took Texas Stadium by storm, during a nationally televised Sunday Night affair in which Ms. Simpson was prominently featured. Romo put up quite possibly his worst-ever game, and TO was quite unhappy afterward. Oh yeah, we like where this is going.

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