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Iverson: 48, 8, and 7 in win

Apr 7, 2005, 9:36 AM EDT

I’ve been pretty excited about the Phil’s starting off their season and totally forgot the Sixers played the Bobcats last night.  A.I. had some big numbers though putting up 48, 8, and 7.  The Sixers almost blew a 25 point lead after almost doing the same on Sunday at the Boston "Garden".

Highlights of the game, including an Iggy Oop, can be viewed on and A.I. talks about trying to hold onto leads below:

Link: Philadelphia Daily News | 04/07/2005 | Early blowout turns into a squeaker.

"It’s been hard all season," Iverson said after scoring 48 points. "We never expect it to be easy, even though we had the lead and everything was going right for us. It hasn’t been that type of season for us. This was a great win for us, simple as that. I’ll take it. It’s a team win. We fought together, we just got it done. Regardless if it looked ugly or pretty, we’ll take it. We’d have felt a lot worse if we didn’t get the game."