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Iverson a hog? Not exactly new news.

Mar 24, 2005, 2:35 AM EDT

I don’t know if many of you read this article about Iverson being a ball hog on ESPN Insider, but who gives a shit about a players "usage rate"?  This is like the guy Eskin has on his shows on Fridays to predict games over the weekend.  "When Bayside High plays a revenge game against an interstate rival on Tuesdays in the fourth week in February they are undefeated!"  Wow.  Great stat.  Sometimes stat heads are annoying, this is one of them.

What the hell is going on with the Pistons?  The Sixers absolutely handled Larry Brown’s squad 107-84 last night.  A.I. led the way with 39 and 10.  I don’t get the NBA.

Link: – NBA – Hollinger: Who’s the NBA’s biggest ball hog?.

Allen Iverson, who is entrenched as the centerpiece of the Sixers’ attack, leads the league in both scoring and field-goal attempts. For good measure, he’s near the top in assists, too. Between all the shots and all the drives and dishes to teammates, Iverson uses a huge chunk of the Sixers’ possessions. He’s taken more than a quarter of the team’s field-goal tries and more than a third of its free throws, leaving few possessions available for Webber to do his thing. Not surprisingly, C-Webb’s touches declined after he went to Philly. He’s down to 16 field-goal attempts a game, albeit in fewer minutes, and his assists have been cut almost in half.