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Johny Drama is Terrell Owens

Sep 2, 2005, 11:40 AM EDT

Two of my favorite things collide at ESPN’s Page2 today: Sports and Entourage.  Jason Whitlock does a "fantasy draft" of the Entourage main five.  His thoughts on Johny Drama were rather funny:

No. 2 on my draft board is Johnny Drama. He’s Terrell Owens. Drama is
all messed up. He’s insecure because his little brother got the good
looks and all the attention from their parents. Drama acts out to get
attention, but you can tell he’s hurting on the inside. But as screwed
up as he is, Drama delivers on Sundays. When he crapped out of his
Movie of the Week deal with Brooke Shields because he hit a hard six at
the wrong time, I contend that was the funniest moment in the history
of sitcoms. Drama is a diva who is well worth the trouble.

I’ve had many a conversation discussing Terrell Owens mental state.  He obviously has some issues that stem from way back.  But like Whitlock says, T.O. may be a diva who is well worth the trouble.  Just as long as he gets us a parade.

I think Whitlock is a little off point on Eric.  Eric seems to be the only character who would stick up for Vince when it came right down to it.  Sure, Drama is his bro, but Drama might sell out Vince for some new calf implants.  "E" wouldn’t let anyone mess with his boy Vince.  Whitlock’s dream season finale:

OK, here’s my fantasy ending to Season 2: Sloan convinces Eric to take
Ari’s old job; Drama convinces Vince to stick with Ari; Turtle gets Dr.
Dre to collaborate with Saigon; and Vince, in a Mandy-induced drunken
stupor, gets in a serious car accident.

That would be one hell of an episode.  I just hope we get more drunken Ari dancing to some Stevie Wonder.

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