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Jrue Holiday Is a Katy Perry Fan, Can Do the Dougie

Feb 21, 2011, 10:50 AM EDT

Katy-Perry Every season when one of the professional sports league's All-Star weekends rolls around, without fail people gripe about how the other pro sports All-Star games are so much better. Whatever. I'm actually a fan of almost all of the different All-Star games and their festivities, but I certainly have a soft spot for the NBA. [video below]

Sure, the actual game itself doesn't really resemble a game until the final six minutes or so, but it's the other events that make the weekend unique. The first round of Saturday night's dunk contest was simply amazing, with all four contestants throwing down legit jaw-dropping dunks. As someone on Twitter mentioned, when you can make an argument for each of the four dunkers coming away with dunk of the night, it was a great contest.

Also a highlight from recent NBA All-Star weekends has been the fun coverage from the guys at The Basketball Jones. From NBA Scents to Lockout Jobs, Skeets and Tas were all over the place in LA. They also caught up with a number of random NBA players, including the Sixers' very own Jrue Holiday who played in Friday night's rookie-sophomore game. He's a Katy Perry fan. Don't judge.

Check out young Jrue showing off his Dougie as well.

*If you're at work, beware of the F-bomb dropped by Matt Barnes.

TBJ LA: Random Players, Random Questions from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

Jrue Holiday's ring tone: