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LA shoots the shit with the level

Jul 26, 2005, 4:47 PM EDT

Editors Note: This post from Scott:
I was at the moe. and Allman Bros. show at festival pier Saturday night and we ran into LA. My brother Adam spotted him in the crowd and ran after him. We caught up to him waiting in line for beer, grabbed a cold one from a cute beer girl walking around and told LA he didn’t need to wait in line for beer. About 10 minutes later my bro went to the bathroom and saw LA pound his beer and get back in line. He went up to him, slapped him on the back and said "you don’t f*ck with the Phightin Phils". They proceeded to shoot the shit for about 10 minutes, mostly about the ’93 squad (my bro’s favorite topic of conversation). He said no one else seemed to know who LA was…friggin’ hippies. But in the only relevant news for the Level, LA said he didn’t expect the Phils to make any significant moves before the trade deadline.


You can check out the Allman’s setlist here. I was pleasantly surprised with Franklin’s Tower. The moe. setlist can be found by by searching .