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Lavoy Allen Tries to Make the Best of Election Results that Didn’t Go His Way

Nov 7, 2012, 11:27 AM EDT

Spencer Hawes is by far the most outspoken on the Philadelphia 76ers roster when it comes to politics. He was a strong supporter of Republican candidate Mitt Romney and was known to even rock Romney/Ryan clothing in recent weeks. So when Barack Obama won the election on Tuesday night, we typed our way over to Hawes’ Twitter account to see his reaction.

Hawes did not share any of his own words, but he did retweet teammate Lavoy Allen who he had seemingly recruited to be a fellow supporter of the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Lavoy took the opportunity to comfort somewhat controversial Republican supporter and former actress (Clueless) Stacey Dash

Lavoy’s always been known to try to take full advantage of any opportunity presented to him.

Other Philly athletes weighed in on Twitter as well, but they’re just glad we don’t have to see any more of those damn commercials.