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Live 8 Philly – My thoughts

Jul 3, 2005, 3:30 PM EDT

Dsc00857apass_1As you may have noticed from my "Rob Thomas Sucks" post below, I was in attendance for the entire day of Live 8 in Philadelphia.  I would say the concert was a success but more of a giant block party than a giant concert.

Performers I thought put on a good show:

Will Smith was a crowd favorite and his performance of Summertime was a highlight of the day.  Kanye West was very good along with Alicia Keys.  Jay Z with Linkin Park was another highlight for me.  I’m not a huge hip hop fan or anything, but they seemed to stand out yesterday.  Maroon 5′s covering of Neil Young was a great surprise as well as whoever covered Phil Collins.  That was a nice nod to the original Live Aid.

Things I thought were bad: The line up ordering was not good at all.  Jars of Clay, Rob Thomas, etc.  These artists may be fine and have some fans.  But at a concert of Live 8′s status you can’t finish with these people.  The only other notable problems I found were the lack of large screens, the lack of being able to see Pink Floyd, and the pretty poor sound at some spots.

I started the morning early by catching U2 and Coldplay live on AOL Music and took Septa down to City Hall with no problem.  Most of the day I was on the outskirts of Eiken’s Circle (I think that’s what its called) and later moved up rather close with a pretty nice view of the stage.  Beer and other beverages were readily available to those who came prepared.  There were no conflicts of any kind that I saw.

This quicktime panorama is pretty crazy.

I’ll post some pictures and a few videos I took from the day below.  All in all Live 8 Philly was a blast, but the music couldn’t come close to London’s show.

Download Summertime.MPG
- This is of when Will Smith did Summertime; it’s pretty short.

Download Maroon5-RockinFreeWorld.MPG
- This is of when Maroon 5 did Neil Young.

Bonus points for whoever can find something goofy/funny/out of place in these pictures. (besides the pink dog.)






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