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Lo Duca Getting Loco With His Teammates?

Jun 29, 2007, 11:51 AM EDT

It’s good to see that as the Mets prepare for a big series in Philly, one in which they could leave town with a sizable division lead, a game behind the Phillies, and all points in between, there might be some disharmony brewing in their clubhouse. Catcher Paul Lo Duca, who may or may not miss games this series to a suspension for going apeshit and throwing equipment last Saturday (which he blamed on his Italian temper), had this to say to reporters last night:

“I’ll do this (interview), but you need to start talking to other players,” Lo Duca announced loudly after he was approached by a radio reporter after the Mets-Cardinals series finale was washed out by rain. “It’s the same three or four people every day. Nobody else wants to talk. Some of these guys have to start talking. They speak English, believe me.”

Shh… Shhhh… It’s OK. We believe you, Paul. Having to talk to the NY media every day would drive me crazy too, and Lo Duca’s been losing it a lot lately, both on and off the field. But criticizing umpires and the media is one thing—I’d think you’d want to leave your teammates out of it. I wasn’t there of course, and there’s nothing in his quote that says he’s specifically talking about his Latino teammates, but that’s what the NY Daily News article seems to be indicating.

Regarding his suspension, if he drops his appeal, he will likely miss a few games of this series. But whether he drops it or not is a hot-button issue with Lo Duca:

Lo Duca’s ire similarly had been raised when he was asked for an update on his appeal of the ban and for his availability for this weekend’s four-game series in Philadelphia, which starts with a day-night doubleheader today.

“Listen up, everybody,” LoDuca had shouted. “Stop asking me when I’m going to drop my suspension (appeal). When are you guys going to drop it? I’m tired of talking about it. Go ask Tony (Bernazard) or Willie (Randolph). God almighty, it’s like the president got killed.”

Never one to miss an opportunity, a nearby Billy Wagner, asked: “So, when are you going to drop it?”

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