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Michael Vick’s Message to Bloggers in Parents’ Basements: Keep Grinding

Jan 14, 2011, 2:33 PM EDT


Being that it's a Friday, this is our job, and we don't have much to do, we decided to tweet at Eagles quarterback @MikeVick this afternoon. You know, for kicks. If you follow Vick on Twitter, you'll know that he often retweets some of his followers who ask for a retweet and also mention why they deserve one. Vick also recently mentioned that he was abandoning traditional greetings for a standard salutation, "We just going to #salute each other for now on. Saying good morning and good afternoon is getting kinda boring!"

Hey, whatever works. But we tweaked it a bit and tweeted at him. Ignore the fact that our tweet is riddled with grammatical errors for a minute.

"@MikeVick can I get a RT for those of us blogging in our parents basements???? #salude"

Not only did Vick RT a RT of our original tweet, he encouraged us to "keep grinding," but he also changed our tongue in cheek "salude" to his preferred "salute."

Cheers, Michael.

Maybe Michael Vick has a career in editing after his football career is over. We're really starting to like Michael Vick off of the field.