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Midgets Suck

Feb 19, 2006, 5:08 AM EDT

IggybehindbbNate Robinson sucks.  A.I. to A.I. was absolutely sick, up there with some of the best dunks ever.  Nate Robinson missed his shitty ass dunk 14 times before he finally made it.  None of his previous dunks were even that impressive.  I am not one to say a dunk is good just because a midget threw it down.  You still need to add some flavor to your moves.  Kenny Smith must have some sort of Napoleon complex himself to get the judges to vote so highly for the midget from New York.  Spud Webb sucks too.  Iggy got robbed.

Watch the Iguodala dunk here.

ESPN: Nate Robinson is a midget so feel sorry for him

Disclaimer: sorry to all the little people, I like you all, especially mini-me, just not Nate Robinson.

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