Skip to content is not good, Phils win

Aug 10, 2005, 9:28 AM EDT

When I attempted to watch some of the Phillies game on last night it didn’t work.  There wasn’t even choppy video, there was no video at all.  So I called up the customer support line to yell at the bastards and they were completely useless.  After 10 or so minutes on hold, I gave up.  $14.95 well spent.

The Phillies game was still played out on the Left Coast despite my unability to watch any of it.  Uncle Charlie called his third team meeting of the year before the game to light a fire under his team.  Maybe it worked?  The Phillies got another solid performance out of Robbie Tejeda despite getting into a jam early.  Pat Burrell came up with an unheard of clutch hit in this one.  Then Ryan Howard followed up Burrell’s dinger with a blast of his own.

The Phillies are quietly 1.5 games out of the wildcard spot and Philly doesn’t really seem to care.  As Swing and Miss sums up well, it’s a long summer.  The Phillies could still make the playoffs; there is a lot of baseball left this summer.