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MLS Philly Team Name, Crest Leaked?

May 6, 2009, 11:21 PM EDT

UnionWith less than a week left before the MLS Philly team name announcement day on May 11, the nets are abuzz with talk that the team name will be the Philadelphia Union, and the crest and colors will look like this——————————>
Previous rumors haven't gained much traction, but at this point, with merchandise expected to be ready for the announcement, a leak is much more likely to be true. We're definitely fans of the color choices and the crest. It's classic, strong, and not at all cheesy—which you always have to worry about with a new franchise in any sport. The thirteen stars probably represent the 13 original colonies, but the first question you might have is, what's with the snake?

It appears to be a close variation on snake that can be seen on the Gadsden flag, which was based on a snake motif designed by Benjamin Franklin:One

sketched, carved, and published the first known political cartoon in an
American newspaper. It was the image of a snake cut into eight
sections. The sections represented the individual colonies and the
curves of the snake suggested the coastline. New England was combined
into one section as the head of the snake. South Carolina was at the
tail. Beneath the snake were the ominous words "Join, or Die."

A great nod to perhaps the most famous Philadelphian in history, as well as the motivated fan group that bears his name, the Sons of Ben.

So what are your thoughts on the logo, colors, and name? Again, we've seen previous "leaks" that didn't materialize, and none of this is official. The supposed apparel images that were shared on Big Soccer are no longer up on the original site, but the screen caps can be seen later in their thread.