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New Phillies Commercials Scare Me

Feb 26, 2007, 11:25 AM EDT

Charliemanuel180 I preemptively came out and said the Phillies "Goosebumps" campaign was going to stink before I ever saw the spots, based solely on their past track record with slogans such as "Red Means Go" and commercials of players frolicking in the grass, etc.  After viewing the spots on, my opinion hasn’t changed much with the exception of one great commercial.  Other than being disturbed by the young teenager (if that) at the end of this spot coyly state that "Chase Utley makes me feel all tingly", the other noteworthy commercial featured Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel stepping up to the plate — from which side can be debated.  Kudos to Big Charlie and the Phillies for this one, finally a commercial we can laugh at.

I have a feeling that if the Phillies start off hot and get out to an early lead in the division and stay there for a portion of the summer, Philly fans may actually "ya know, like" start to embrace Charlie Manuel.

>>Phillies Goosebumps Commercial feat Charlie Manuel [Real Player]
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