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Non-Flyer Hockey Highlights: Ovechkin Levels Subban, J. Staal Suckers Prust

Feb 2, 2011, 1:27 PM EDT

Remember when Mike Richards said PK Subban of the Canadiens would get his? I don't know if this counts as part of the fruition of that premonition or just Ovie being Ovie, but I loved it anyway:

Not just the hip throw, but the oh so predictable Subban overreaction, for which he drew 2 minutes for not following the written or unwritten rules. Kid sure does live up to his name sometimes, only he's not on the ice for it. After the jump, a punch that could have landed the Penguins' Jordan Staal a night in the press box. 

Now, Brandon Prust can stir things up, and he does come in kinda dirty on a scrum here, but like Subban, Staal left little in the way of of leeway: 

Staal was handed a match penalty but apparently not the one-game suspension that often comes with it, although the Rangers did score the game-tying goal on the ensuing 5-minute power play. The Pens would go on to win in the shootout though, keeping at the heels of the Flyers. Should be an exciting finish in the East this year, particularly the Atlantic Division.