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Phil Sheridan Doesn’t Think too Highly of

Sep 3, 2007, 10:39 PM EDT

By now, we’ve all read about how the Eagles accidentally tipped their hand regarding roster moves.  Phil Sheridan of the Inquirer took extra special delight in the botched hold by Dave Spadaro.  Phil thinks the fact that teams and leagues have their own "reporters" is a "bothersome trend."

It should go without saying that all the news reported by these
in-house media is filtered, controlled and carefully monitored by the
teams and the leagues. It is all propaganda, deliberately crafted by
trained journalists to resemble independent news coverage.

So it’s always good for a laugh when "reports" a
roster move, or Reporter X from NFL Network "breaks a story" about a
trade or a coach being fired.

The reality is, the Eagles or Phillies or other teams are announcing
the move. They dress it up as an exclusive "report" to pump up Web
traffic and to bypass the pesky legitimate media, which sometimes have
the temerity to criticize the roster moves or write negative things the
team would never permit on its own Web site.

I don’t know about you, but I always thought Dave Spadaro was completely and totally objective.

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