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Phillies Articles: Wade, Padilla, NL East

Feb 24, 2005, 11:11 AM EDT

There are a bunch of articles in today’s Daily News regarding the Phillies.  The best of which is from Bill Conlin in which he allows a fan to vent his frustration and gripes towards Phillies management. 

There is a brief write up about Charlie Manuel not being able to make sense of Vincente Padilla’s dialect.  But encouraging news about Padilla looking sharp in Florida.

The Phillies believe they should have the best lineup in the NL East.  This is typical Phillies management B.S.  If every single player in our lineup has plays up to their potential and has a career year we should have the best lineup in the East.  Fans aren’t stupid.

Randy Wolf isn’t worried about his elbow and expects to have a great year.