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Phillies Drop First Against Mets in Key Series

Aug 30, 2005, 10:23 PM EDT

Some Random Thoughts on the Phillies Lose against the Mets:
-Kenny Lofton is still alive and is capable of hitting a Home Run.
-The play where David Bell missed a routine infield fly was one of the worst things I have ever seen.
-Robbie Tejeda pitched 6 strong, giving up two earned and putting the Phillies in position to win.
-I can’t ever make up my mind on whether or not I like Pat Burrell.  I don’t think I do, but I may.
-Did Charlie Manuel try to put his hat on sideways when trying to argue the Kenny Lofton play at the plate.  Charlie Manuel is a different breed of person.  I really can’t relate to him in any way.
-Jimmy Rollins should bat 7th.
-That was a tough tough loss.  Urbina should have shut this one down.  Now they have to face Pedro on Wednesday.

Phils now tied for wild card with Florida.  Who has hope?

Update: Stuff Deleted.