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Phillies Fall to 9.5 out; Vote Wagner or Myers to All Star Team

Jul 4, 2005, 12:21 PM EDT

Last night was a great performance by the Phillies.  They did what they do best, found a way to lose.  Despite another solid outing from rookie Robinson Tejeda, the Phillies couldn’t get any offense going.  Ryan Howard his a pop fly to left with two men on which carried just enough to be a 3 run homer.  It is nice to see Howard have some success as Jim Thome’s replacement.  It is really unfortunate that Phillie fans may never get a chance to see Howard play on a regular basis for the Phils.

Other than Howard’s home run, the Phillies bats were silent.  Rheal Cormier has proved he can’t be brought into close games.  Billy Wagner didn’t help his chances of being voted onto the final spot of the All Star team either by showing he is very mortal.  Coming into a tie ball game Wagner gave up a blast to deep center that was inches from being a homerum but ended up a triple.  Then quickly allowed the go ahead run.

All Star Final Vote

Two Phillies made the Final Vote Ballot: Billy Wagner and Brett Myers.  I’m going to guess that having two Phillies on the ballot will make it really tough for either of them to be selected.  I’d give Wagner a better chance, simply because he has the potential to throw 100 mph and fans like something exciting.

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