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Phillies Fan Makes Amazing Catch, Gets to Enjoy His Soda and Fries

Aug 20, 2010, 12:11 PM EDT

FanCatchPhillies Not only did Ian Driben make a “brilliant” catch while walking back from the concession stand at last night’s Phillies game, but he’s also already had a newspaper article written about him. Not bad.

“I saw the ball coming, and it’s one of those moments and you know
where if I don’t catch this, it’s going to be twice as bad as it’s going
to be good if I do catch it. If that makes grammatical sense.” [video below]

There was another adult fan earlier in the game in the same general area below the press box who snagged a foul right out of the clutches of a youngster — a total faux pax. It was nice to see this guy bring the chill vibe back to his section.