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Phillies lose to Sox: 9-5

Mar 29, 2005, 11:21 AM EDT

I realize that no one really cares much about Spring Training baseball, and that’s cool.  I just thought I would take this opportunity to point out how much nicer of a website is when compared to  The sports section is especially nicer with Globe devoted pages to all Boston teams; they even break it down to the high school level.  They also purchased the services of BostonDirtDogs to give a different perspective on things.  They have great video clips of Boston sports as well, I think they must have a partnership with NESN.  (Comcast equivalent) is horribly organized and lacking great content.

But man, between Dan Shaughnessey, Bob Ryan, and Jackie MacMullan.. wow.  That is one ugly bunch.  All they need is to hire Jimmy O’Sullivan to join their team.   ZING!

Oh yeah, The Phillies lost to the Sox yesterday.  Corey Lidle is the Phillies 3rd starter; He can eat those innings.