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Phillies Notes: New BP Jerseys, Werth Really Loves 28, JC the Slugger, Kendrick’s Arb

Jan 18, 2011, 1:57 PM EDT


Head on down to your local Modell's and pick up on of these new 2011 Spring Training/Batting Practice jerseys for any player from your favorite baseball squadron. According to our baseball source (Meech), this year's jerseys are "similar to the old ones, but have sewn-on numbers and it's button down." Looks like $99 well spent to me. Couple more photos below.

And while we're discussing jerseys, check out this gem from Uniwatch: "The Phillies had originally planned to go with low-rider uni numbers in 1970. They eventually decided to have them aligned with the chest logo, but it’s interesting to see that they had considered doing it the other way."

Don Money and Billy Wilson looking good.

And while we're discussing jersey numbers, Jayson Werth actually negotiated his No. 28 into his contract with the Nationals.

From the same Jayson Stark article, Phillies reliever J.C. Romero has an interesting clause in his new contract as well: "Phillies reliever J.C. Romero got a $50,000 Silver Slugger incentive in his new deal. OK, so he may not be in Wang's offensive class. But Romero's last at-bat was in 2007, he's gotten one at-bat since 2003, and June 15 will mark the 10th anniversary of his last (and only) hit — a double off Julian Tavarez."

Everything you wanted to know about what kind of deal Kyle Kendrick should be awarded in arbitration.

Finally, we bring you this PET RAZOR + ZWR joint:

And a couple more shots of the first jerseys mentioned above from Modell's.